Pat Harris

Wiggle Stump Records

Wiggle Stump Records was founded by Pat Harris in November 2011 and gets its name from Pat’s corgi, Calliope (kah-lie-oh-pee). WSR handles all of the copyright, publishing, licensing, artistic, and promotional duties associated with putting out a sound recording in downloadable (MP3, FLAC) or hard copy (CD) media.

As the years have gone on, popular music has gone from something that is artistic and socially revalent to something that has been diluted to the point of being just another consumable good. Under the pretense of trying to promote music that has “value,” the record industry has all but destroyed the art within popular music. Rather than being something that is celebrated and listened to on its own merit, music, or popular music, is now used as a way to keep people constantly overstimulated while they go about their day. We live in an age where (while possibly helpful) it is no longer necessary to be signed with a major record label to have a sustainable career, and it is not a goal of Wiggle Stump Records to compete with those companies. It is the view of WSR that in order to have a sustainable career, and not be some 7 year flash in the pan, artists must slowly cultivate an audience that is willing to grow and evolve with the artist over the course of a 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 year career.

Wiggle Stump Records is an “Artist First” label. We operate first and formost because we believe in putting something genuinely creative and good into the world. While every business has a bottom line to maintain, it is not our goal to fill our pockets while the artist goes hungry and has little say over the direction of their art. Rather, we work with artists because we believe in their talents and we believe there are listeners out there who will agree with us. We strive for fairness and aim to make sure that each artist is properly compensated for their efforts.

We encourage and promote music as art with the hopes that listeners will hear what we hear, eliminate outside distractions, and enjoy the music as the artist has intended.