Pat Harris

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The End is the most recent studio work by Pat Harris under the name THE FORGOTTEN PROPHETS.  Recorded over four days at a studio just outside of Austin, with all of the instruments tracked live as a band, and engineered by Charlie Kramsky, the material draws largely on the influence of classic American rock and roll and blues.

Release date: January 12, 2016

Hour Before the Mourning was recorded live in the studio in a day. This recording is Pat’s debut as a lead vocalist and he uses his NS Design bass exclusively. It features John Arndt (piano), Carter Arrington (guitar), and David Sierra (drums) performing original music inspired by the north woods of Michigan with extended improvisation. Released on Wiggle Stump Records in January 2013.

Traveling By Moonlight is an Americana album featuring words, music, and production by Pat Harris and the vocal stylings of Anna Mae Mitchell. Recorded in Austin, TX and released on Wiggle Stump Records in November 2011.
1. Run From the Ocean
2. New Day
3. Home
4. Dry Your Eyes
5. The Canyon
6. Spring
7. Left Me Like You
8. Lost at Sea
9. Glue
10. Before the Rain
11. The Overgrown Graveyard
12. Waiting for Tomorrow

Pat’s first album as a leader, Live: 4/9/09 features an outstanding band (John Arndt, Gabriel Santiago, David Sierra, Marcus Wilcher) as well as all original instrumental material composed specifically for this performance.
1. Pressin’ Ma Bit
2. Where We Left Off
3. My Take on It
4. Prayers on the Wind
5. I’ll Wake You When I’m Home
6. 1L/1M