Pat Harris

Pat Harris



Pat Harris (b.1984) is a bassist, songwriter, and composer with musical roots in classical, jazz, and American traditions. Originally from Michigan, he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in classical bass performance and a minor in philosophy from Central Michigan University (2007). He earned his Master’s degree in jazz studies with academic honors from the University of Texas at Austin (2009).

Harris maintains an active and multi-genre performance schedule. In 2015, he co-founded and began and writing for THE FORGOTTEN PROPHETS. From 2011-2016 he recorded and toured with the award winning nuevo tango ensemble The Austin Piazzolla Quintet. He has been a mainstay with acclaimed songwriters Jeff PlankenhornSarah Sharp, and Lex Land, and has collaborated with countless other world class artists in various settings. In addition to live and studio work, he has written and arranged music for commercials and radio, and has served as musical director and producer for an eclectic assortments of projects.

Through his own Wigglestump Records label, Harris has released numerous recordings as a leader: Live 4/9/09 (2009), Traveling By Moonlight (2011), Hour Before the Mourning (2013), The End (2016, The Forgotten Prophets), and most recently, the multi-movement, through-composed piece based on the tarot card of the same name, The Empress (2018, The Forgotten Prophets).

Harris has taught courses at Concordia University, maintains a private studio for individual lessons, and incorporates his vast experience in studios and on stage to assist other musicians in getting the best possible recorded and live tones from their instruments and amplification.


“This is precisely the style of music that helped to put Austin on the map as a music town.” – Rod Ames, From Under the Basement

“Harris shows himself to be the consummate tunesmith.” – Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

Left Me Like You is the stand-out record here. It is a crowd-friendly tune for those who prefer radio-friendly folk over the special interest sound of bluegrass, and it is a sweet ballad for the heartbroken.” – Kailyn Terlato, Long Island Pop Culture Examiner

“As a songwriter, Mr. Harris has a very bright future before him, and his contribution to this album is immense… Songs so good and so clean in their construction that they feel almost ageless upon first listen… All of them benefit from production that is almost perfect for each song. For that we should all tip our hats again to G. Pat Harris.” – John C. McClure, Victory Acoustic Music Magazine

“This was one of my favorite songs to track — the groove is just so thick. I sent out a rough demo to the guys, and when Pat walked into rehearsal with that bass line, everything fell perfectly into place.” – Reed Turner, songwriter

“Harris’s compositions are artful yet accessible pieces that demonstrate a deep and broad well of musical influences.” – Michael Teager, MT-Headed Blog

“Harris solos with aplomb.” – C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz